Christiaan under the Stars

Always on display
at Hofwijck

Christiaan Huygens is revered as one of the greatest scientists in Dutch history. He resided at Hofwijck during the final eight years of his life. The attic, located at the pinnacle of the building, where Christiaan housed his assortment of telescopes, now hosts the exhibition Christiaan under the Stars.

Amongst the array of authentic seventeenth-century clocks and telescopes, both children and adult visitors can immerse themselves in the wonder of discovery and innovation, akin to Christiaan’s own experiences. Questions arise: how exactly did his invention of the pendulum clock work? What led to his discovery of Staturn’s rings? What are the mechanics behind the magic lantern? And what was life and work like for Christiaan at Hofwijck?

Exhibition Christiaan under the stars