The Age of Constantijn

Always on display
at Hofwijck

Is it feasible to perceive the Netherlands of the 17th century through the perspective of a solitary individual? Perhaps so, especially if that individual happens to be Constantijn Huygens!

As a poet, composer, and aficionado of the arts, he occupied a central position within cultural and artistic circles. Serving as secretary and advisor to the princes of Orange, he directly witnessed the significant political and military upheavals of the era. Moreover, in his capacity as a diplomat and networker, he maintained close associations with intellectuals across Europe.

Exhibition The Age of Constantijn

The permanent exhibition The Age of Constantijn encompasses all facets of Constantijn’s life and contributions. Amidst family portraits and other artefacts, visitors can immerse themselves in his poignant poetry, delve into the intriguing experiences he shared with the princes of Orange, and marvel at the extensive collection of over 100,000 letters he penned throughout his lifetime. All of this can be enjoyed alongside breathtaking views of the Hofwijck gardens.

Exhibition The Age of Constantijn